What Your Favorite Waifu Type Says About You

Here’s your personality based on your favorite type of waifu!

Love interests often fall under a category within the “dere” types, which range from the cute and fluffy dandere to the unpredictable yandere. Believe it or not, your waifu preference actually reflects your personality type! If any of these girls make your heart flutter, then here’s what that means for you.



If your number one waifu is a tsundere, then that means you are the kind of person to take the backseat in life and let someone else drive. In other words, you like to go with the flow and let someone else make the big decisions, and that someone else is more than a little bit bossy. She might step on anyone, including you, to get where she needs to go—and you’re perfectly fine with that. Your waifu may even be significantly smaller in stature than you, but her dynamite personality will rattle your nerves; it really makes you blush when you set her off by simply existing.


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If your favorite type of waifu falls under the yandere category, then you like life to be unpredictable, but that doesn’t mean you’re unstable. You might actually be more orderly in your approach to life, but something is missing, and you’re looking for a thrill to shake up the monotonous day-to-day you’ve been living. That’s why a yandere girl is the perfect splash of wild to disrupt the bland. She’ll make your life crazy with no rhyme or reason, and her strategy will creep up on you and then shock you to the core when it happens. She’ll be so obsessed with you that it could lead to you to a dangerous demise. Do you think you can handle it?



If your favorite waifu is a dandere, then you’re the type of person who wants to live a cozy, domestic life. You want a waifu to cook a comfort meal for you and then cuddle with you under a warm blanket with hot cocoa and a movie. The dandere waifu is very cute, delicate, and innocent, and she’ll let you take the reins because she’s too nervous and shy to be assertive. That works perfectly for you, because you like to be the type of person that someone can rely on. You’re the protector and the leader for those around you, and your dandere waifu is counting on you to be her knight in shining armor.


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You’re the kind of person who needs someone cool to look up to. Let’s face it, you might be the odd one out of the group in most social circles. Do you find yourself too awkward to fit in and stumble on your words? Kuudere girls don’t care about fitting in, they are “in,” and everyone gravitates around them. They’re cool and composed, hiding their emotions with ease, and that’s something you don’t know how to do. When you blurt out your love for the kuudere, she’ll blankly stare back at you and only say “OK” or “Thanks,” and that alone will stir up the butterflies in your stomach like never before.


Yume no Sono

If you like meganekko girls, AKA glasses girls, then you’re a fan of brainy waifus. If you’ve seen the pattern in this article so far, then you’ve noticed that I’m an advocate for the saying “opposites attract.” When it comes to the meganekko waifu, you might assume I’m going to say you’re lacking in the brains department, but that isn’t the case here! You’re actually looking for someone you can have an intellectual conversation with because you’re quite knowledgeable yourself. You’re fascinated by girls who have a strong and worldly mind, and people can often find you chatting up the librarian, expanding your mind with an educational conversation which is your definition of flirting.

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