Visual Novels That Will Make You Laugh

Are you looking for a visual novel that will make you laugh? These are a few that are filled with humor.

Are you looking for something funny to play? Below I’ve listed a few visual novels that have amazing qualities and are designed to give readers something to laugh about. I’m going to dive in and highlight a few of the details that make these games stand out.

Chook & Sosig

Platforms: Windows, Mac (

Price: Free

If you’re looking for laughs and even a little bit of spookiness, Chook & Sosig is everything you need to gear up for Halloween. Sosig is a former child-star cat that used to be the poster cat for the famous “Multi Meow” cat food, and Chook is a ghost chicken with a job. Since this is a spooky circus-themed game, the humor is on the darker side, but it somehow maintains a lovable, lighthearted atmosphere thanks to the game’s cartoon-style artwork and lovable, goofy characters.

I just wanted to take a minute to appreciate the fact that Chook & Sosig is the developer’s first game, and while there are some grammar errors, I’m continuously amazed by the work indie developers are able to do to bring wonderful stories like these to the world. Once you finish Chook & Sosig, there are more games out now that follow them on new adventures.

Find Love or Die Trying

Platforms: Windows, Mac (Steam)

Price: Free

Find Love or Die Trying is a comedy visual novel that adds a lot of pressure to the term “dating sim.” In other words, if you don’t get someone to fall in love with you, you’ll face an untimely death. That may sound intense, but it’s hilariously written and gives a unique twist to the traditional dating sim where you’re typically just worried about romancing a love interest—without worrying about dying.

So what makes this game so funny? It’s all part of a TV show, and you’re the star of it. The dark plot is side by side with lighthearted humor and a bright setting. The characters have playful banter and the protagonist has a sarcastic tone to their dialogue which keeps things fun. If you haven’t already checked out Find Love or Die Trying, it’s completely free, which is amazing considering the level of quality in the artwork, story, and character designs.

A Roaring Affair

Platforms: Windows, Mac (

Price: Free

A Roaring Affair follows the life of a circus performer, Aimee, as she investigates the crime related to her father’s arrest. The story has two love interests, and the first encounter with Jules is both unconventional and comedic as the man sneezes on the MC repeatedly. Her choice responses to the matter are all equally hilarious.

The dialogue is fun and sprinkled with comedy, and the underlying mystery in the plot keeps the story moving along. An otome game with a circus-themed setting is a fresh new addition to the genre, and with extraordinary artwork, this visual novel is one-of-a-kind.

Epic Fruit Game

Platforms: Windows, Mac, Linux (

Price: TBA (Free Demo)

Epic Fruit Game takes the unconventional romance game to a whole new level. This game has an array of fruits as love interests. You play as a tomato on a quest to find love among your fellow fruit folk, but there’s a problem: fruit zombies roam the streets. You and your fellow survivors must face the zombie apocalypse together, perhaps finding love in the process.

The developers of Epic Fruit Game have gone above and beyond at fleshing out these characters. They’ve put together a funny and lovable cast of fruits, each with their own unique characteristics and baggage. A wild and wacky plot combined with fruit people, this game is guaranteed to give players a good laugh. Epic Fruit Game is currently in development with a demo available on

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