Top 5 Characters We Can’t Help but Swoon For!

In visual novels, especially in dating sims, there’s always going to be that beloved character that people can’t help but fall in love with. Today, we’re counting down the top five characters that we can’t help but swoon for!

There’s always going to be a character we swoon over in every game we play. In Mass Effect, Garrus is the beloved turian that players can’t get enough of. In Code: Realize, Lupin or Impey are #1 in a lot of people’s hearts. Today, I want to take a look at more characters that players, including myself, can’t helped but be swooned by, so to speak. Oftentimes, “swoon” is used for when women fall head over heels for a man. However, I also want to acknowledge the great female characters we see in visual novels, so this list will feature both male and female characters!

5) Ikki from Amnesia: Memories

I debated putting Kent on here instead of Ikki, but considering Ikki’s character and route, I thought it was more fitting for him to take this spot instead. In Amnesia: Memories, Ikki’s route is filled with women who fall at his feet and flirt with him wherever he goes, even if he’s with his girlfriend, the heroine. He’s a playboy, flirting with every girl he sees despite being in a relationship. Of course, when he’s with just the heroine, he’s attentive and kind to her. Befitting his personality, Ikki is dressed to the nines. Arguably, he’s the prettiest-looking man out of the entire cast. It’s no wonder why Ikki is loved by both the characters in Amnesia: Memories and players around the world!

4) Tomoyo Sakagami from Clannad

I absolutely loved Tomoyo from Clannad. She’s the tomboy of the game, acting cool in most situations. In those rare cases where she loses her cool, you can find her beating up characters like Youhei Sunohara. She’s clearly able to hold her own and will do what she needs in order to reach her goals. Strong, beautiful, goal-oriented, and intelligent, Tomoyo is the complete package. Her route is also a treat to read. She wants to be with Tomoya, but that could hurt her reputation. She’s an honors student aiming to become class president. However, instead of ignoring Tomoya or letting go of her dream, she tries to find a way to pursue both, which she successfully does. Just seeing Tomoyo accomplish what she’s set out to do while also kicking butt, I mean, how can you not fall in love with her?

3) Cove Holden from Our Life: Beginnings & Always

Cove is absolutely adorable, from start to finish. What makes Cove so appealing among Our Life fans is that you can tell just how much he cares for the player character over the course of the story. At the start, he’s shy and isn’t sure what to make of you. However, as the years pass, you notice him putting in so much effort to make your day and make you smile, which he does very easily without fail. He’ll sneak into your room one summer just to hang out, and of course, if you choose to pursue him as a romantic partner, it’s a very cute moment. As something platonic, it’s seen as Cove going out of his way to see his best friend even if it means getting into trouble if caught. No matter how you pursue Cove, you’re going to treasure him.

2) William Danson from Magical Diary: Wolf Hall

When I played Magical Diary: Horse Hall many moons ago, I remember thinking, “I want to date William.” He’s just so sweet and is willing to help a freshman get adjusted to Iris Academy, a school full of wizards and magic. It doesn’t help that he’s pretty dashing. However, cue my disappointment when I found out that he isn’t a romance option in the game. It’s never explicitly said why, but it can be inferred that his previous relationships turned him off from dating for the time being. So, when I heard he’d have a route in Magical Diary: Wolf Hall, I got excited.

Just like in the previous installment, William helps the player character adjust to his new life at Iris Academy. He even makes sure the player avoids trouble, like getting involved with Damien. As time goes on and you pass exams or even become class president, William begins to see you less as a freshman he has to mentor and more as a friend. You can choose to pursue something more and break down the wall that William set up for himself. Seeing you and William at prom is the most satisfying thing I accomplished in the game. From being so sweet to being great to look at, it’s hard to deny the charm William exudes.

1) Jill Stingray from VA-11 Hall-A

VA-11 Hall-A‘s official website is called Waifu Bartending, which is an accurate description of the game. There are a ton of great characters that could have easily made this spot, but I ultimately chose Jill, the protagonist. She’s an incredibly relatable character. Like Tomoyo, she’s a hard-working woman. Despite having graduated college, she still isn’t sure of herself. Even when she gets a job offer in the field she studied for, she rejects it, unsure if that’s what she really wants to do. She ends up bartending at the bar the game is named after, going day by day as she tries to make sense of life. She keeps a cool, calm demeanor that makes her approachable. Even the shyest of people eventually open up to her.

Jill isn’t an entirely serious person. She loves a magical girl show called “Model Warrior Julianne” and will laugh at stupid, childish jokes—like whenever someone orders a drink called the “Bad Touch,” she can’t help but burst out into laughter.

I absolutely loved Jill, and if you ever play VA-11 Hall-A, I’m sure you will too.

Kristi Jimenez

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