Review: GFxF

When college student Mona with ulterior motives joins a club dedicated to the discussion of yuri media, she doesn’t expect to be so overwhelmed by these two juggernauts of media dissection. As she listens to Hana and Riley go at it verbally, she finds time to self-reflect on her own relationship with her sexuality and neurodiversity.

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Review: Fallstreak: Requiem for My Homeland

In a world ravaged by calamities and blanketed in ash, a child soldier called Velour Two-Six travels to the edge of the holy warfront and back. Returning from the shadow of calamity, she’s put in charge of the one thing that might save humanity.

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Behind the Scenes with Studio Élan

Born out of the success of Highway Blossoms, Studio Élan self-describes their work as “uplifting stories of magic, fantasy, and love between women.” Since their founding they have launched successful titles such as Heart of the Woods, as well as their own publishing wing.

We caught up with Studio Élan founder Josh Kaplan to chat about Highway Blossoms, Studio Élan’s creative process, and their future projects.

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