Review: Slobbish Dragon Princess

Dragons have decided to purge humanity… but fortunately, the dragon princess has taken a liking to a young man named Takeru. Now Takeru’s life is about to take a turn for the strange as he adjusts to life with his new dragon companion.

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Behind the Scenes with Matthew Vimislik

Matthew Vimislik, or “Vimi,” stands out among visual novel creators for his bold, comic book-inspired art style. His visual novels display a high level of polish and unique programming elements, which are reflective of his extensive background in art, illustration, and game design.

Read on for an in-depth look at Vimi’s background, creative process, and his upcoming visual novel.

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Review: Head AS Code

Eight people find themselves trapped, and a mysterious figure tells them they must solve the puzzles in the rooms ahead and find the ninth person in order to leave with their lives. Let’s take a look at another deadly game in this visual novel remake.

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