visual novel

Review: Recollection 𝄇

Recollection 𝄇 tells the story of introvert David as he meets what will become his long-time friends Ringo and Shuuichi in art club.

Review: Our Mountain

When two Yokai need a place to stay until the flooded river recedes, Kumiko takes them to her home… but by doing so, she risks more than just her heart.

Review: Last Meal at Cafe Mori

After you die, Robyn is the one who serves you the last meal you’ll ever eat before your ultimate destiny. As a strange void slowly devours reality, however, even the immortals of Cafe Mori face the existential quagmire of what exists after The End.

Review: Starlight Shores

Go on a weekend getaway with your friends, and possibly fall in love, in this short slice of life visual novel.

Demo Review: Date of the Dead

When you find yourself stuck in the land of the dead before it’s your time, what can you do but get to know its unearthly inhabitants?
Check out our review of the Date of the Dead demo.