Behind the Scenes with Samuele Zolfanelli

Samuele Zolfanelli has published a variety of projects, but his game Dry Drowning, created in 2019, received many awards including a nomination for best debut game at the Italian Video Game Awards in 2020. Dry Drowning is notable for its strong focus on meaningful choices and world-building. The protagonist’s decisions can dramatically affect the unstable socio-political climate in the dystopian near-future.

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Behind the Scenes with The Remainder

Self-described as “partners in life, art, and game development,” Ze and Nim are the sole developers of the dark fantasy VN The Remainder.

With its bold, striking visuals, rich lore, puzzles, and inclusive romance system, the stories in the world of The Remainder have already been making waves.

We caught up with Ze and Nim to chat about their creative process, their inspirations, and what we can expect in the upcoming launch of The Remainder: Act 2.

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