Side Characters You Wish You Could Date

Side characters that I wish had routes!

Let’s face it, we’ve all fallen in love with a character we couldn’t date. We might’ve even invested time into trying to pursue them, only to face the harsh reality that our true love will always be and unrequited one. This article has a handful of side characters I wish had routes. Some of them might even surprise you!


Magical Otoge Ciel

Ais from Magical Otoge Ciel is a gentleman and a magician. He’s a heartthrob, and his fan girls crowd around him everywhere he goes. I’ll admit, like most people I was expecting there to be a route for him but alas, he was only a side character. The painful realization made my heart sink! Ais is incredibly sweet and I have so much love for his character. I was really touched by his level of maturity and kindness toward Ciel.

So what would a route with Ais look like? It would probably be full of sky dates and magic tricks!


Cinderella Phenomenon

You have to admit, Delora and the protagonist have chemistry. You can see the sparks and probably even hear distant wedding bells. I think they know it and don’t want to admit it, but the potential for a blossoming romance is there. Delora has a lot of depth to her character, which I adore about her. She’s a cool villain-like character on the outside, but on the inside she has good intentions.

What would a route with Delora look like? It would probably be chaotic and follow an enemies-to-lovers sort of scenario, but she’s the type to always be on the lookout for her partner’s best interests.

Hajime Morioka

Collar X Mallice

Okay, Collar X Mallice is one of my favorite otome games by far. There are too many side characters to fall head over heels for. I was instantly drawn to Morioka when I first played this game. There’s an aura of mystery to him, and even more so because he’s a side character that you’ll never get to fully know.

What would a route with Morioka look like? He’s the type to spend more time at work than on a date, but I’ll bet underneath his stern exterior is a softhearted man!

Masanobu Mochida

Mochida is incredibly sweet. He’s Hoshino’s superior, but he’s always looking out for her and I loved that about him. It really made his character stand out. Mochida is always bright and cheery, and with a smile like that how can you not love him? It’s a shame he’s only a supporting character because he is adorable!

What would a route with Mochida be like? He’d definitely make time for a date after work, and it would be to your favorite restaurant.

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