Review: Starlight Shores

Go on a weekend getaway with your friends, and possibly fall in love, in this short slice of life visual novel.

Demo Review: Date of the Dead

When you find yourself stuck in the land of the dead before it’s your time, what can you do but get to know its unearthly inhabitants?
Check out our review of the Date of the Dead demo.

News Round-Up for the Week of October 26

Here’s your visual novel news for the week of October 26th!

The Spooktober VN Game Jam hosted by DevTalk+ has announced winners!

There’s also an announcement for a Winter VN Jam 2020 hosted by Katy133!

Review: Summer with the Shiba Inu

After quitting her job and moving back home after a ten-year absence, Syd the shiba-inu is forced to face the ghosts from her past, both in “real life” and the full dive VR game of the ARInas. Follow her and her erstwhile companions as she solves the mystery of her brother’s disappearance and learns the secret behind the high-tech system that drives social hierarchy on the island.

Demo Review: Heroine for Hire

In this romantic comedy, follow Lyre as she takes on the most dangerous of tasks: not losing yet another job. After going through eight in the past few months, she’s getting desperate to finally find something to let her support her family. Will a mysterious ad change her fate? Will she find romance along the way?

News Round-Up for the Week of October 19

Here’s your visual novel news for the week of October 19th!

Read news about Our Life: Beginnings and Always, Code: Realize ~Wintertime Miracles~, and new Kickstarters for Camp Palut and LIP! Lewd Idol Project.

Demo Review: Ascension

Enroll in Alexandria College of Arcanists and help clear your family’s name amidst a series of strange murders in this fantasy BL tale.

Review: Iwaihime

Nightmares come to life in the haunting and fascinating world of Iwaihime, the newest horror visual novel from the creator of the When They Cry series.