Review: Contemporary Gods

You materialize as the God of Unity. As the world and the ethereal realms it’s connected to start to fall apart, you’re set the monumental task of fixing the universe by bringing together the three most troublesome gods: Social Media, Capitalism, and Identity. Among the many problems, however, is that they absolutely hate each other. Can you help them come to an understanding for the betterment of the human race?

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Check Out These NaNoRenO 2021 Titles!

NaNoRenO, the biggest visual novel game jam, came to an end earlier this month. This year, the jam received 88 entries! With so many games, it can be hard to decide what to play. In this post, I highlight a few titles as well as sharing the different highlights and struggles each team faced during their game’s development.

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Review: Fallstreak: Requiem for My Homeland

In a world ravaged by calamities and blanketed in ash, a child soldier called Velour Two-Six travels to the edge of the holy warfront and back. Returning from the shadow of calamity, she’s put in charge of the one thing that might save humanity.

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You Don’t Want to Miss Out On These Great PSP, PS3, and Vita Visual Novels

With the now-reverted announcement of the closure of the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita stores, there’s been a lot of attention on those platforms. There are a few visual novels exclusive to them, so I’ll be telling you which games those are and what they’re all about!

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Behind the Scenes with The Remainder

Self-described as “partners in life, art, and game development,” Ze and Nim are the sole developers of the dark fantasy VN The Remainder.

With its bold, striking visuals, rich lore, puzzles, and inclusive romance system, the stories in the world of The Remainder have already been making waves.

We caught up with Ze and Nim to chat about their creative process, their inspirations, and what we can expect in the upcoming launch of The Remainder: Act 2.

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