News Round-Up for the Week of September 21

News Round-Up for the Week of September 21

New Untitled Visual Novel from Kemco and Water Phoenix Announced

First teased at the 2019 Tokyo Game Show under the title Shuumatsu Senki 0.1, the isekai-themed game features a world in which civilization has fallen to an unknown psychological disease and the only way to manage symptoms is through a full-dive virtual reality game. When the main character, Rust, enters the game to find a sister who never logged out, he learns the truth. It’s set to launch in Japan in 2021 for unannounced platforms.

Undead Darlings Comes to Switch

From Mr. Tired Games and Sekai Games, this visual novel/turn-based combat hybrid with branching dialogue follows Reggie as he attempts to deliver a cure for a zombie outbreak to a safehouse. It launches on the Switch eshop on September 28th for $29.99.

Nekopara Vol 4 Announced for PS4 and Switch

The next installment in the series from developer NEKO WORKs and publisher Sekai Project sends main character Kashou Minaduki to France with his catgirl companions to seek out his father’s pastry teacher. The game releases for PC on Steam on November 26th, and will launch on PS4 and Switch in December.

Kickstarter Launches This Week

The Spanish Privateer

Ends: October 20th

Set in the early 17th century, play as Spanish woman Carlotta as she escapes arranged marriage by working on a privateer vessel. Along the way, fight misogyny, come to understand the effects of colonization in the Spanish Caribbean, and do a little swashbuckling along the way. An early-in-development demo is available on


Ends: October 23rd

A school-centric, standard harem game with what appears to be a metatextual horror twist. Very little has been revealed.

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