News Round-Up for the Week of October 12

A new Key visual novel, a Steins;Gate live stream, and more–check out the visual novel news for the week of October 12!

New Visual Novel from Key to Be Announced

Key, the developer behind popular visual novels such as Clannad, Little Busters!, and Summer Pockets, is going to announce their next visual novel on October 26th. All that is known about it so far is that it will be a kinetic novel.

Rever d’un Manege Surprise Mobile Release

The otome visual novel Rever d’un Manege from the otome division of Mages, which came out for the Switch earlier this year in Japan, saw a surprise iOS release. It is currently unknown if either version will be localized.

Steins;Gate Live Stream Announced

Mages also announced an “Operation Midgardsormr” live stream for October 25th to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Steins;Gate. It will be a “talk show” for Steins;Gate and Anonymous;Code and will involve announcements made at the Mages Business Strategy Presentation live stream earlier in the day.

Mystery Visual Novel Far Away Announced

A new mystery visual novel called Far Away has been announced for Steam and mobile devices. It will feature 8 main storylines and numerous branching paths based on your choices. Although its Steam page says it does not support English, it appears as though this might be a mistake due to the English text in the screenshots. Far Away will be out in 2021.

New Visual Novel Kickstarter Campaigns

Once again, several visual novels have launched Kickstarter campaigns this week:

Solar Echoes: The Star Legation

The Kickstarter campaign for the sci-fi visual novel Solar Echoes: The Star Legation will add voice acting to the game if funded successfully. You can check out our thoughts on the demo here.

Bistro Days

Bistro Days is a choice-driven, food-filled romance visual novel with three potential romantic interests and your choice between a male or female protagonist.

The Villain and the Gentleman: Book 1

The Villain and the Gentleman: Book 1 is intended to be the first volume in a 6 arc visual novel series. A stretch goal will allow the immediate start of development for Book 2, as well. You can take a look at our thoughts on the demo here.

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