News Round-Up for the Week of November 30

Winter Jam 2020, new Fallen London game, otome releases from Aksys, localizations, and, unfortunately, some delays.

Community News: Winter Jam 2020

Hosted by Katy133 (developer of Dear Devere and Last Meal at Cafe Mori), this winter-themed visual novel game jam takes place over the course of December. Submissions close on December 31st at midnight EST. Look forward to the influx of new games later in the month.

New Fallen London Universe Addition, Mask of the Rose, Announced

Failbetter Games has announced a new romance visual novel. Set in 1862, Mask of the Rose is a prequel to Fallen London, Sunless Sea, and Sunless Skies and follows the story of lodgers trapped in an underground boarding house in the just-descended London. A Kickstarter is planned for 2021 with the actual release in 2022.

Three New Idea Factory Otome Games Coming to Switch

Publisher Aksys Games announced Olympia SoireeDairoku: Ayakashimori, and Variable Barricade as English releases for the Switch in 2021. All were previously released this year for the Switch in Japan.

MAMIYA English Release Coming to PC

From publisher Fruitbat Factory and developer Kinkou Land, the dark fantasy adventure visual novel will release on PC via Steam in summer 2021.

Hamidashi Creative Receiving Console Release in Japan

Developer Madosoft announced the student-council themed romance game will be coming to consoles in Japan in spring of 2021. Through which publisher and for which consoles has yet to be announced. An anime sequel is also in the works.

VA-11 Hall-A Sequel N1RV Ann-A Delayed

Developer Sukeban Games announced that the long-planned sequel N1RV Ann-A has been delayed from its original 2020 release to “when it’s done.” More details on the specific development delays are available on the Sukeban site.

Fate/Stay Night Cooking Game Spinoff Delayed in Japan

Aniplex announced Everyday Today’s Menu for the Emiya Family will be delayed from its 2020 release to a later as-yet unannounced date. In Japan, it will be available for the Switch when it releases.

Kickstarter Launches This Week

Diamond Mirage

Developer: Aedian Glair

Genre: Fantasy, Yaoi

Ends: January 29th, 2021

“Captured by human bandits as a gift for Lysander, their influential master, Ellyn has to learn how to survive in a situation he never pictured himself in – as a slave, trained how to behave and act by none other than a dusk elf, a mysterious representative of his race.

Even though Veros, Ellyn’s mentor, seems to be exactly what he thought a dusk elf would be – calculating, unsympathetic, savage – Ellyn can’t help but feel like something  doesn’t add up. What is it that escapes his attention? 

Could it become a key to his freedom?”

Tokyo Re:Connect

Developer: KONEKO

Genre: Slice of Life

Ends: January 19th, 2021

“You play as the protagonist Shindou Touki, who moves from the countryside to Tokyo, to begin a new chapter in his life. Navigate through various choices and the life of a high school student in the city, as Touki learns what it means to connect with others. Including over 30 hours of gameplay, detailed CG, and a moving soundtrack – all in high definition – your choices will affect the path you take.”

Ashe Thurman

Spooktober 2022 Visual Novel Jam

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