News Round-Up for the Week of July 20

Read all about your visual novel news here! Featuring details on the Jiangshi x Daoshi announcement, the League of Legends narrative event Spirit Bonds,

Let’s take a look at the latest visual novel news in our weekly news round-up.

Jiangshi x Daoshi Announced, Release Plans

Fruitbat Factory announced the localization of the episodic visual novel Jiangshi x Daoshi. Episode I and Episode II are available now for free on and Steam, and Episode III will be released later this summer.

Flowers -Le volume sur automne- Release Date

JAST USA announced that the yuri visual novel Flowers -Le volume sur automne- will be available on July 30.

Visual Novel Charity Collection Announced

The Visual Novel Romance Collection for Black Trans Lives, a bundle of 14 visual novels released through, is available for $10 as part of a campaign that ends on July 31.

Root Film Screenshots

Kadowaka Games has been sharing screenshots from Root Film, its upcoming successor to Root Letter. It will be out in Japan on July 30.

Otomate Switch News and Updates

Idea Factory revealed news and updates about several otome visual novels coming to the Switch from its Otomate brand: CharadeManiacs, Paradigm Paradox, Time Device Apocalypse, Alice in the Country of Hearts, and LoverPretend.

Fate/EXTRA Record Announced

While not a visual novel itself, the turn-based RPG entry in the Fate series, Fate/EXTRA, is now being remade as Fate/EXTRA Record for modern platforms.

KukkoroDays Switch Release Confirmed

The visual novel KukkoroDays is coming to the Nintendo Switch. It will be available through the eShop on August 6.

Spike Chunsoft Takes Over Danganronpa Publishing

While it was largely expected after Danganronpa titles published by NIS America were announced to be delisted from PSN, it has now been confirmed that Spike Chunsoft will take over publishing the series.

League of Legends Visual Novel Experience

Riot Games has added a visual novel storytelling experience called Spirit Bonds to League of Legends. It is a narrative event as part of the Spirit Blossom event in which players will form bonds with their champions.

Voltage Entertainment Clashes With Writers During Strike

Twenty-one writers for Voltage Entertainment’s Lovestruck visual novel are on strike while attempting to negotiate better working conditions and other benefits. Voltage has hired new writers while the controversy continues.

Dark Renaissance Announced

Studio V and VLG have announced a gritty visual novel RPG for PC and consoles called Dark Renaissance. It will be out in 2021.

Interrogation: Deceived Adds “Visual Novel Mode”

Police procedural investigation game Interrogation: Deceived launched on iOS and Android this week with a new “Visual Novel Mode” that lets the player go through the game without a failure state.

As Dusk Falls Announced

“Interactive drama” As Dusk Falls has been announced for Xbox Series X and PC. It is being developed by Interior/Night, a development team created by former members of Quantic Dream, SIE London, and BioWare.

Angelique Luminarise Title, Delay

The upcoming new entry in the Angelique series now has an official title: Angelique Luminarise. However, its Japanese release has also been delayed to 2021. No English localization has been announced yet.

Altdeus: Beyond Chronos Trailer, Release Window

Altdeus: Beyond Chronos, the VR visual novel successor to Tokyo Chronos, has a new trailer available. In addition to showing some of the new gameplay features, it has also been confirmed that Altdeus will launch first on Oculus in late 2020.

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