Below we’ve listed out some of the common questions that we’ve been asked by our readers along with their answers. We hope that these will help you to learn a little bit more about VN Game Den. This list, the questions it contains, and the related answers may change over time.

Q: I wrote a comment on one of the articles but I don’t see it – why?

A: Every comment that is posted to the site goes through a manual review process before it is publicly accessible. During that review process, we may make the decision not to publish the comment for a variety of reasons. Rest assured that even if your comment was not published we did read it.

Q: Are the writers volunteers?

A: No. All of the writers that work for VN Game Den are paid for their time.

Q: I requested a review, why hasn’t it been done?

A: Depending on the visual novel requested we may not be able to complete the review. We have strict guidelines on acceptable content. If you’re concerned about a requested review please refer to our Code of Ethics to see if it violates any of our guidelines. You can also email [email protected] for further inquiry.

Q: What is your rating guideline?

A: We don’t use strict guidelines because they can be too harsh. All visual novels we’ve reviewed have good qualities and we want to respectively highlight that along with any issues we find in an honest manner.

Q: I supported VN Game Den on Patreon and/or on Ko-fi, how is the money used?

A: VN Game Den uses all funds from Patreon and Ko-fi to support our website. These funds are used in paying our website upkeep fees, and paying our staff for their work.

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