Demo Review: Seeds of Dreams

Take the role of Ash as you move into a new town, befriend your neighbors, and find the meaning of your mysterious dreams in this newly released demo by Jane Titor.

Seeds of Dreams is a newly released demo by developer Jane Titor. Take the role of Ash as you move into a new town, befriend your neighbors, and find the meaning of your mysterious dreams. 

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Seeds of Dreams is a slice-of-life tale with a dash of mystery. The demo starts with the option for players to name the main character (Ash by default) and select their pronouns. You cannot change the way Ash looks, however. 

The story begins with Ash moving into an old broken-down barn. On their first night there, they have a dream about a mysterious woman. It’s a short, vague dream, setting up the mystery that the rest of the game will hopefully play on. Who is this strange woman and why has she taken residence in Ash’s dreams?

The demo doesn’t focus too much on the game’s mystery. Rather, it builds upon developing the other characters. You meet one of your new neighbors, and from there are able to choose who you’d like to visit next. Once you visit one person, the game is looped back to the original choice where you can then choose to meet another neighbor before the game’s narrative continues on. 

While there isn’t much to go off of in this demo, we do get a good sense of each character and what their job is in town, whether they’re a baker, a vegetable enthusiast, or a carpenter. Each character has their own personality and quirks. I’m very interested in learning more. 


The art in Seeds of Dreams is unique, mainly because the characters are all drawn as different human/animal hybrids. The interesting thing is that none of this is ever inherently talked about—not in the game’s narrative or the actual developer page on Not being human is normal and natural in this society that Jane has created. This tells us a lot about the game’s setting.

That said, I am curious how each animal and character relates to the game’s mechanics or narrative in the full version of the game. Each character’s name box has a specific symbol associated that hints at the characters representing something more. I guess we’ll see how this plays out in the full version. 


Seeds of Dreams can be described as a farming slice-of-life game, but only in theme. There are no interactive farming mechanics that the player can engage in. Though I would not say this detracts from the overall enjoyment of the game, it can certainly add a level of immersion. 

The Verdict: 

Seeds of Dreams is a 30-45 minute demo. While the game has an interesting and unique premise, there isn’t anything groundbreaking about the experience. If you’re looking for a game featuring a protagonist with a customizable name and pronouns, as well as several endearing characters, then you may want to give this game a shot. 

You can download the demo of Seeds of Dreams on

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