Demo Review: Adventures of Skye the Slime Maid

Demo Review: Adventures of Skye the Slime Maid

Adventures of Skye the Slime Maid is a visual novel in development by Bus Arrow Studios. Take the role of Alex Goldstone as you adventure throughout Tipton with your new slime maid companion! 

The Kickstarter campaign for Adventures of Skye the Slime Maid is running until September 2, 2021.

The game starts with a fully voiced opening that breaks the fourth wall. A voice addresses the player, explaining the setting of the game and whose story we will be following. Through this mysterious voice we learn who Alex Goldstone, the protagonist, is.

While the premise of an all-knowing narrator is certainly intriguing, I feel as if the beginning drags on too much. The introduction is weighed down pretty heavily by the exposition. At first it’s a bit jarring to jump between the two points of view, but as you progress through the story it becomes clear why we need to hear both Alex’s and the mysterious woman’s voice. 

The game’s setting is reminiscent of a classic RPG. Alex is part of a guild, and he gains money from taking on jobs like slaying monsters and slimes as well as completing bounties. I’m personally a big fan of fantasy worlds, so I was drawn into the premise of the game right away.

Adventures of Skye the Slime Maid is almost fully voiced. Each character has a voice, aside from Alex, who I’m guessing is supposed to be a self-insert for the player. I loved hearing the different characters speak. I was able to leave the game on auto and sit back as the different characters interacted with each other. 

The art in Adventures of Skye the Slime Maid is really cute, especially Skye the slime herself! The CG style and the sprites differ, so switching between the two can be a bit off putting for some. However, there is quite a variety in the amount of art in the game, which is really impressive. There are original sprites, backgrounds, CGs, and a stylized UI!

One of the game’s most charming features is the audio. Aside from the voice acting, the game has exemplary background music and sound effects. The music in Adventures of Skye the Slime Maid has an old-school RPG feel. It creates a nice calming atmosphere, even as you engage in battle. I’m excited to see what kind of music is played during particularly tense moments. The sound effects add a nice touch to the experience as well.

I’d like to see a little bit more in terms of the game’s fights. More animations and perhaps a mini game are just two suggestions I can think of off the top of my head. 

The Verdict:

Adventures of Skye the Slime Maid has a unique and interesting premise. It is by no means perfect, but there is a lot of potential! Fans of old-school RPGs may just find a gem to enjoy! 

You can download the demo of Adventures of Skye the Slime Maid for free on You can also back the Kickstarter campaign until September 2, 2021.

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