December 2021 Kickstarter Round-Up

Check out this December’s Kickstarter line-up!

Despite Kickstarter’s recent controversial announcement regarding blockchain technology, there are still a handful of indie developers promoting their games on this crowdfunding platform. There have been a lot of mixed feelings across indie creator communities about the platform, but for a lot of these developers, this might be their only chance to receive funds for their projects. So with that in mind, here is a list of end-of-the-year Kickstarter visual novels!

Sew-wings by Ginger Rail Games

Sew-Wings is a visual novel about fashion. You start off as the hotshot business owner of a popular boutique, but things take a turn for the worse when a shady business deal leaves you with nothing. Resilience takes over, and now your plan is to become a sewing teacher. You rally your students and enter the local fashion competition; the grand prize is a hefty sum of cash.

The creators are aiming to raise US $650 to complete their development goals. This is an all-or-nothing goal that ends on February 7th, 2022.

Genre: Fashion

Kickstarter: Sew-wings

Amnion River by Vergilius Games

Amnion River follows the story of Lis, an artist who struggles with the after-effects of prior drug abuse. She finds a girl with reddish skin and a blurred past. Lis takes her under her wing, names her Clair, and teaches her about human life. Lis, Clair, and a three-legged dog named Toni embark on a journey to find answers about the death of Lis’ older sister.

Lis is running out of time as her medical condition worsens. Whether or not her memories are recovered depends on the choices you make throughout the game. Their crowdfunding goal is €890.

The game contains content warnings for blood and gore, drug abuse, and physical abuse.

Genre: Mystery, Optional Romance

Kickstarter: Amnion River

Zeitz Machz √Rhapsody by Occult Lily

Ais wakes up in a room that isn’t her own, with an unfamiliar girl, Alice, trapped with her. Together they find a way to escape the mysterious house they woke up in, and what they find outside leaves them utterly bewildered.

This crowdfunding campaign has a very small goal of US $100. To find out more, you can play the demo linked below.

Genre: Psychological Horror, Yuri


Kickstarter: Zeitz Machz √Rhapsody

Crown Land by Codexton

In Crown Land, the story follows medieval Europe and precolonial America but with a twist! With the two regions swapped, this game showcases an alternate version of history. The American continent is on the brink of war, and any hope for peace and prosperity rests entirely upon the main characters’ shoulders, with each action and decision dictating the course of history.

Crown Land is asking for US $1,000 to finish development. You can play the demo below on

Genre: Alternate History


Kickstarter: Crown Land

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