Code of Ethics

It is incredibly important to the VN Game Den team that we create an environment that lifts up visual novel developers while also being honest with our readers. With this in mind, we follow the following Code of Ethics for all of our articles:

1. Our writers must be respectful of those around them.

VN Game Den wants to create a friendly environment for our readers, team, and the developers we work with. We do not tolerate any kind of hateful speech.

2. Our writers must not use VN Game Den to give their games undue or excessive publicity.

Typically, our team is not allowed to write articles that review or highlight games that they are involved with. This includes being employed by the studio, being an investor in the studio, or being in a personal relationship with someone at the studio.

However, there are some exceptions to this rule. We believe that our team should be able to use VN Game Den to tastefully highlight their own works on occasion so long as it is extremely clear that they are talking about their own games. Common types of articles where our team is allowed to write about their own games include group articles talking about game jam submissions or when we feature “meet the team” type articles.

3. Our writers must not accept any kind of incentives for featuring games in their content.

Our team cannot accept any incentives (financial or otherwise) from studios that they are writing about.

4. Our writers must always inform readers if we received the game for free.

If our team has received a copy of a game for free in exchange for our coverage we will make sure that it is clearly stated in the article.

5. Our writers must keep all information confidential before it is shared publicly.

We sometimes obtain access to games (or information about games) before they release. We keep that information strictly confidential and do not share it outside of our organization before any relevant embargoes have passed.

6. Our writers must not cross-publish VN Game Den content to other sites.

The content that you see on VN Game Den should not be available on any other sites/services. This allows us to provide our readers with unique and fresh content that they won’t find anywhere else.

If you believe someone has violated our Code of Ethics please let us know via our violation report form.