Behind the Scenes with Sky Bear Games

We sat down with Claire Dunning of Sky Bear Games to talk about the studio's founding and about their upcoming visual novel release, Her Jentle Hi-Ness.

Behind the Scenes with Angela He

Angela He sat down with us to discuss why she started making visual novels, her newest project, and more! 

Behind the Scenes With Team Robo

We had the opportunity to sit down with Team Robo and discuss their upcoming game, marketing strategies, and future projects VN Game Den readers can look forward to! 

Behind the Scenes with Samuele Zolfanelli

Samuele Zolfanelli has published a variety of projects, but his game Dry Drowning, created in 2019, received many awards including a nomination for best debut game at the Italian Video Game Awards in 2020. Dry...

Behind the Scenes with NotHack Europa

We sat down with the founders of NotHack Europa to talk about how they work under pressure during a game jam, how they’ve improved from their first game release, and what fans can look forward to in the future...

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