Behind the Scenes with Boys Laugh +

You may recognize developer Boys Laugh + from their many published titles including //TODO: today, Defaction, and the currently updating Brassica. We caught up with the developers to discuss their visual novel background, their creative process, and their commitment to inclusivity.

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Behind the Scenes with The Remainder

Self-described as “partners in life, art, and game development,” Ze and Nim are the sole developers of the dark fantasy VN The Remainder.

With its bold, striking visuals, rich lore, puzzles, and inclusive romance system, the stories in the world of The Remainder have already been making waves.

We caught up with Ze and Nim to chat about their creative process, their inspirations, and what we can expect in the upcoming launch of The Remainder: Act 2.

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Behind the Scenes with Studio Élan

Born out of the success of Highway Blossoms, Studio Élan self-describes their work as “uplifting stories of magic, fantasy, and love between women.” Since their founding they have launched successful titles such as Heart of the Woods, as well as their own publishing wing.

We caught up with Studio Élan founder Josh Kaplan to chat about Highway Blossoms, Studio Élan’s creative process, and their future projects.

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Behind the Scenes with GB Patch

GB Patch is known for their various published titles spanning many genres, most notably their hit visual novel Our Life: Beginnings and Always, which serves as the first entry to the Our Life series.

We caught up with GB, the founder of GB Patch, to talk about her visual novel career, the development process for Our Life, and the future of our relationship with Cove Holden

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Behind the Scenes with Matthew Vimislik

Matthew Vimislik, or “Vimi,” stands out among visual novel creators for his bold, comic book-inspired art style. His visual novels display a high level of polish and unique programming elements, which are reflective of his extensive background in art, illustration, and game design.

Read on for an in-depth look at Vimi’s background, creative process, and his upcoming visual novel.

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