Review: Last Meal at Cafe Mori

After you die, Robyn is the one who serves you the last meal you'll ever eat before your ultimate destiny. As a strange void slowly devours reality, however, even the immortals of Cafe Mori face the...

Review: Shiro’s Alternate Dimension (S.A.D)

Venture through a world that you can’t seem to remember in Shiro’s Alternate Dimension (S.A.D), a short psychological horror visual novel developed by Kurama for the second annual Spooktober Jam.

Interview with “Stillwater” Developer Studio Clump

In this interview, we sat down with Studio Clump to discuss the team members as well as their winning Spooktober game, Stillwater.

Review: Contemporary Gods

You materialize as the God of Unity. As the world and the ethereal realms it's connected to start to fall apart, you're set the monumental task of fixing the universe by bringing together the three most...

Early NaNoRenO Games (2005-2008)

Let's take a look at some of the earliest NaNoRenO game jam entries from 2005 to 2008!

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