Ashe Thurman

Demo Review: Guilty Parade

Nemo is captured by soldiers and interrogated. Problem is: he doesn’t know who he is. He’s drafted as an unofficial member of the squadron with a chance to prove his meddle. Yet, among his many other unanswered questions, he still doesn’t know what he’s fighting for.

Review: Summer at Marisol Bay

Join Kyro at his summer job at The Marisol Bay Resort, a venue in crisis! One side may be torn down! The park isn’t the only thing at risk for being torn apart, though. How will Kyro decide where his loyalties lie?

News Round-Up for the Week of September 21

Here’s your visual novel news covering the week of September 21st!

Featuring Nekopara Vol. 4 releasing on the Switch and PS4, Undead Girls heading to the Nintendo Switch, and two new Kickstarter campaigns!

Review: King of the Cul-De-Sac

King of the Cul-De-Sac is a fun, fast-paced interactive graphic novel about the paper thin reality of childhood and fighting your way to the top of the suburbia food chain.

Demo Review: Venus: Improbable Dream

Through the lens of music, friendship, and romance Venus: Improbable Dream from BorealisGames is a game that intends to highlight the multi-fold need for empathy and compassion for those struggling with disabilities and mental health disorders.

News Round-Up for the Week of September 7

Get your visual novel news here for the week of September 7th!

Featuring release dates for Highway Blossoms and Eternal Torment, a limited run for PS Vita, and a handful of new EVN Kickstarter launches.

Demo Review: Heart Fragment

Heart Fragment is the story of Xani and her struggle with anxiety, abandonment, and a deep dark family secret: she’s not entirely human. Customize your personality and build intricate family, romantic, and platonic relationships.

Demo Review: Vincent: The Secret of Myers

Vincent: The Secret of Myers is an episodic visual novel that expands with new chapters adding to the overall mysterious plot.

Read our review here for the first chapter, which we found highly polished and capitvating!

Review: Refraction

Refraction is a soft sci-fi visual novel about college student Jackie Shields, who wakes up to find herself in a parallel dimension.

Read about this new visual novel, that released today on Steam!