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The VN Game Den is run by visual novel developers, and we understand how important it is to have a place to discover and learn about new visual novels.

Anna – Writer, Reviews

Anna is the owner, project manager, and lead writer of LegendEx Games. When she’s not making visual novels, she’s making art, gaming, and of course, taking care of her french bulldog, Ramsay. You can also find Anna on twitch where she plays a variety of different games, including VNs!

Ashe – Writer, Reviews

Ashe is a science fiction/fantasy writer, visual novel developer, and voice actor living in Fort Worth, TX with her three cats, husband, and just…too many books.

A theater and literature geek from the get-go, her interest in interactive fiction began with CYOA and Give Yourself Goosebumps books in the late 90’s and early aughts and was further fed by those terrible terrible flash-based dating sims on Newgrounds as a teenager and classic text and point-n-click adventure games.

Years of general otaku-ness during and after college for computer enginneering, would lead to cultivating a list of Japanese and English language favorites like Dramatical Murder, Hustle Cat, The Science Adventure Series, Hatoful Boyfriend, and hybrid games like Ace Attorney and Virtue’s Last Reward.

As a EVN developer, her focus is on creating stories that connect with people on an emotional level, and as a reviewer, bringing the community together.

Courtney – Marketing Director

Dara – Art Director

John – Founder

Karla – Writer, Interviews

Friendly neighborhood corporate cryptid by day and game developer by night, Karla is just happy to have been invited. After a short career doing Business Things at Companies, Karla decided to instead follow her incredibly lucrative passion of making weird games on the internet with her friends. It’s going pretty well for her so far.

Karla has managed to integrate developer interviews into all of her jobs, and shows no signs of stopping. She is happy to have found a home for her visual novel interviews here at VN Game Den.

Kristi – Writer, Articles

From playing visual novels on YouTube to creating them, let’s just say Kristi is a huge fan of the genre.

When Kristi’s not working her day job, you can find her chugging down a Dr Pepper while playing League of Legends or Final Fantasy XIV.

As a developer, she aims to create unique games that stand out: let it be a wrestling otome or a dating sim where the entire cast are marbles.

Natasha – Editor

Samantha – Writer, Reviews

Samantha is a horror and fantasy writer who loves playing video games. She entered the world of visual novels by way of Ace Attorney, and from there discovered Hatoful Boyfriend and Steins;Gate, all of which remain among her favorites. Her taste in genres covers a wide range, and she’ll try anything if it has an interesting story.

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